They're just plastic toys, right?

Alert reader Nathan D. sent in the following:
Stumbled across this with StumbleUpon for Firefox, and thought it was cool enough to share.
It kind of worries me that they have Robot Trucks receiving radio commands from Computer controlled Molding Machines... That, and they fact that humans are only really involved at the end of the process, to make sure there aren't any "Kill all Humans" notes in the boxes. Kinda scary, for those robo-phobes out there.
But hey, it's just Legos, right? Right?

And while we focus on robots here at Robot Doom, we also like to occasionally point out the "potential" folly of all "Weird Science," so for our first Weird Science Alert: we bring this exciting tale of Glowing Green Pigs brought to our attention by alert reader Steve Q.

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