Even the name sounds like a supervillain...

Hey all,

We've been away for a bit... I'd blame the robots, but they'd only sentence me to the asteroid mines...

Was inspired by this article in the NY Times to post a bunch of things people had sent in recently. Maybe I can get the others posting again too. My favorite line: "A leader at Google X is Sebastian Thrun, one of the world’s top robotics and artificial intelligence experts..." So, Google has a secret mountain fortress where they're developing an army of robots... I'm sure that will turn out just fine.

Sometime poster Mr. Huge sent in this article about a robot with a "human face."

Then I believe it was Wife of Huge, who sent in this piece about robots being used to help autistic children. (Really, robots? Coming at us through the children? Is there no line?)

And finally, regrettably, because I was too slow, you just missed the World Robot Conference in Korea. No doubt the Robot World Secretariat (no, I'm not making that up) will have some announcements as to what came out of the conference soon.

Stay alert, Folks...

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