We're back!

Oh sorry, I dozed off for a bit there. But I'm back now!

Let's start with the ever-popular 'robots as animals' category. Because metal animals with glowing eyes are never creepy or evil.

First up, the robo-rat, called SCRATCHbot. The second link has a video of the thing in operation. I think it's weird that the creators went with whisker sense only - no visual input.

Second we have the robot hummingbird, created by our good friends DARPA. OK, right now it only works for 20 seconds, but they're working on that.

The next category is medicine. There's the plain old robot surgeons. And the popular method of distancing doctors from patients even more.

Finally, we round out our info with an update on the robot car. They've taught it to avoid running over pedestrians. Oh, did I mention it's name? T2 - because DARPA has such a wacky sense of humor!

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