Sex Ed 2.0

The Best Intentions Update:

From News.com.au comes this new insidious threat to humanity. Educators in the Mexican state of Chihuahua have begun an effort to use robot babies to reduce teen pregnancies.

From the article:

"Pairs of teenage boys and girls aged 13 to 17 have to spend two or three days tending to the computerised babies, programmed to cry for food, burp and wake up screaming at night until they are rocked back to sleep."


"Students in Chihuahua are mostly horrified at the amount of work involved in looking after a baby, which they take home at night, Mr (Pilar) Huidobro said."

You heard it right: they're horrified. Three cheers for negative reinforcement!

Now, some might look at this as a good thing. Obviously, a program such as this can be beneficial in that it teaches teenagers to be more sexually responsible.

However, other more cynical minds, like those of us at Robot Doom, choose to look at this another way:

This is nothing short of a robotic attempt at human eugenics.

Threat Rating: 6

Why waste time and resources actively exterminating humanity when you can just campaign for safe sex? Seriously, what better way for the 'bots to ensure our demise than to just convince future generations of humans not to procreate?

We're onto you robots, oh, we're onto you...

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