What kind of name is that?

The fine folks at iRobot (makers of Roomba) apparently figured out the real money's in defense contracting. So as reported a little while back, they've figured out a way to find snipers using a system attached to the Packbot.

Apparently, they've upgraded the capabilities since the original announcement as it seems a bit "bulked up" since the designs in the earlier articles. But, hey, it's helping our men and women in uniform, so no complaints from me this time.

(I mean, it's not like they could attach a firearm to it, right?)


Wealjays said...

REDOWL is an acronym.

"They" didn't make it.

They have been doing defense contracting for years now.

Is the firearm thing a joke? b/c that has been demoed as well.

Do your homework!

Insidious Mr. Huge said...

I think I saw some video of this on one of the Discovery channels not long ago, and as wealjays pointed out, I believe it was demoed with a rifle or sub-machine gun attachment. Shades of Philip K. Dick (Second Variety/Screamers). Pretty interesting though.

That said, I'm not sure wealjays "gets" the site. This is (mostly) meant to be tongue in cheek. (Have YOU done your own homework and checked out the pervious posts?)

Lighten up, Francis.