Robots 1, Rednecks 0

The Best Intentions Update

At first reading, I thought this would make a humorous robot interest piece, but on further reflection, I think this definitely raises the threat level just a bit (see below).

The Pennsylvania Game Commision is now using robot decoys to tempt and ensnare hunters who illegally shoot at animals from within 25 yards of a roadway.

In this instance, a robot pheasant was used to entice the would-be hunters, however robot deer and turkeys are used at other times of the year. No mention in the article of exactly how they were able to identify the hunters who are caught. (Cameras on the road? Officers in hiding? The Honor System?) The penalty is $150 for shooting too close to the road.

I don't know if I'm more disturbed that the robots are now involved in the Field & Stream version of Abscam (Robo-scam?), or that there are enough hunters out there who routinely carry loaded firearms in their vehicles, and who will jump out and shoot at an animal on the side of the road at a moment's notice, for this to be considered a problem worthy of a law enforcement "sting".

Wait a minute. I grew up in West Milford, NJ. Forget I even asked that.

Danger Rating: 3

I see this as just one more reason for the robots to be pissed at us once they do become self-aware. Nobody likes being used as target practice.

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