Ah Jeez, Not This $#!+ Again...

It's been a good two months since the last post to the blog, and if I hadn't seen or spoken to all the contributors recently, I'd wonder if the 'bots finally got to them. I know I've seen some articles in that time that weren't all that great (but I may still post the one about robots curing baldness...), but this one I just couldn't resist.

It seems our DARPA overlords are once again rearing their ugly heads, and this time, in the words of Evil Robot Ted "Theodore" Logan, they've got a full-on robot chubby. Tiny robots. Flying swarms of tiny robots. Flying swarms of tiny robots that can act completely on their own...and kill you. Interested? Why not join in the fun and submit your own design?

I think the question below the headline says it all.

Danger Level: 10

I don't know why we even bother with this blog anymore.

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