And This Surprises Who...?

...or should that be, "whom"?

People have finally figured out that an attack by robot drones could pose a serious, possibly unstoppable threat. Apparently, they don't show up on radar as more than a small flock of birds, that is, if they're even noticed at all.

I imagine this could conceivably become the V-1 of the "War on Terrorism". Soon we'll start seeing machine gun nests springing up in cities across the globe as a pre-emptive measure.

Here's the plot of a movie that I can see coming out of this: Ter'ists build a bunch of these things, equipped with explosives, cameras, and full on remote controls. They surreptitiously place wireless repeaters at strategic locations across the city of Washington, D.C. They launch the planes/helicopters from a park in Maryland or Virginia. The controllers are sitting in the Starbucks on the corner across from the Old Executive Office Building. They're sipping cappucino and watching the progress from wireless laptops. To everyone else, it looks like they're playing some online game...

If there are any Hollywood types who want to talk about a script, RSVP in the comments section. I'm looking for at least seven figures here and a big name star. Sam Jackson should be available once Snakes on a Plane wraps. Oh, and I do know the difference between the net and the gross, and the definition of "residuals".

If there are any NSA folks reading this blog, my fellow Doom bloggers and I are available to brainstorm endless scenarios of robotic, er, doom, for the same seven figures mentioned above. You probably have ours numbers already.


The Older Brother said...

Sorry to burst your seven figure deal, but someone already ran this plot for a tv episode about a year ago, the only major difference being that the terrorists were using guided missiles and the "game players" thought they were testing gaming software. I think it was NCIS.

You and the main article both missed one important detail. The best defense against swarms of cheap flying robots is...more swarms of cheap flying robots! Constantly patrolling the skies over every potential target in America! We must not have a flying robot gap!

...Or we can just hope they have to fly over water to reach the target, in which case our sharks with frikkin' laser beams can shoot them all down.

Insidious Mr. Huge said...

Hmm...I don't watch NCIS. So much tv, so little time.


ND said...

JAM, I am so with you on this one. Well laid out, BTW.

JAM said...

Thanks, ND. I can't take credit for that posting though; it was 100% the Insidious Mr. Huge.

The struggle against the robots is a team effort...