Where to begin?

I honestly don't remember how it got started... It may be that I started it or Huge did, or even MLW. But the fact is a few years back we started to see a disturbing trend emerging in Technology news stories. Put simply, that trend was that mankind was once again fooling around with forces beyond their understanding. Not looking at the implications of what could be done with their work (or in the MANY, MANY projects funded by DARPA, perhaps they knew and chose to ignore it...) The examples are countless: the meat-eating bot, the computer that's hooked up to the autocad machine and can build its own simple robots, the smart-dust, the various insect bots, the cybernetic fusions of machine and, say, lamprey eel brains...

You see, we're not making any of this up. It's all true. And it seems like only we can see the signs. I used to send around emails, but the stories started coming in faster than I could compile. So we decided to move to the blog format and give that a try.

"Don't you see? Someone has to save the world..."


Insidious Mr. Huge said...

Sorry, I can't claim to be the impetus for JAM's robot paranoia (although I do enjoy feeding it every now and then--it's a little like giving candy to a child, a little like watching piranha feed. In any case it's damn entertaining.).

Still, I can't count the number of times I've read a new story and thought to myself, "Don't these people ever read science fiction? Haven't they seen the movies?"

One day the robots that can design other robots will link up with the robots that can fly and the ones that power themselves on rotting meat. Some brilliant researcher will get drunk at a holiday party and just for kicks, ask the design robot to create the best robot to destroy humanity. Then the skies will be filled with flying swarms of death bots that run on man flesh. Good times.

I weep for my species.

JAM said...

Please note we have not entirely ruled out the possibility that Mr. Huge is a life-like (yet curmudgeonly) android of some sort. Thus, I know not which "species" he refers to.